Pöyry Innovation Monitor

Pöyry Innovation Monitor

The energy industry is one of the most dynamic sectors, constantly producing new ideas. However, for energy companies it is difficult to keep track of all the innovative products and services throughout Europe. Our initiative supports the interaction of established companies and aspiring startups

Technology developments and the ongoing decentralization of sustainable energy supply represent considerable challenges to the energy industry. A growing number of promising startups threaten the traditional business models of the existing energy suppliers.

Looking beyond intra-company structures and monitoring innovative business opportunities may ensure the future competitiveness of your enterprise. Startups and competitors from other sectors may pose a threat but might offer opportunities to existing utilities as well. Due to fast changing market and regulatory conditions combined with a limited flexibility of big energy suppliers, it pays off to monitor the recent developments and ideas accurately.

Did you know that Pöyry has a monitoring network for startups in the energy sector?

Our Pöyry Innovation Monitor offers you the opportunity to follow current trends in the startup sector. Pöyry selected data from various sources such as accelerators, universities and innovation hubs to identify promising ideas sorted by business field and stage of development. The platform is updated continuously to capture as many startups as possible. 

The Innovation Monitor is a valuable tool supporting you in keeping the overview on the fast developments within the energy sector, identifying the right business models and spotting the ideal concept at an early stage. Based on the profound expertise of Pöyry within the energy sector, the Innovation Monitor follows European ideas on a regular basis, aggregated in the categories Technology, Energy-Management, so-called Bundled Products, Blockchain and Mobility services and solutions.

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